Henry Relaford

Henry Relaford, 89, served during the World War II and is now living in Riceboro with his second wife. He did not see much combat while in Germany but he had some other interesting war stories to tell.

Otis Amason

Otis Amason served voluntarily in the Korean War. He and his wife are now living in Midway. His experience in Korea was hard and he became disabled during an incident while deployed but he is a proud veteran and a world traveler who has been to over 200 countries.

Ernest Edwards

1st Sgt. Ernest Edwards, 38, served during two deployments to Iraq. He saw some combat and casualties but he mostly helped the civilians with necessities. Edwards has one more year in the Army before he can retire but he is considering staying in because he feels it is his duty to serve his country. He is now living in Savannah with his wife and daughter.

Johan Troha

John Troha, 90, served during the World War II for 4 years and is now living at a nursing home in Ludowici. He saw combat all over Europe and lost many of his friends during the war. Troha comes from a military family and is proud of his service. He shared many sad memories with us.

Nick Rorro

Nick Rorro served proudly during the Gulf War and was part of the 24th Infantry Division's "lefthook" into Kuwait. He now lives near Glennville. He was injured during the war and is now retired but he is a very active war veteran. He had several "horror" stories to share...

Nick Rorro

Jack White, 89, fought with the Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and went onto participate in many iconic battles before being discharged in 1946. He now lives in Ludowici.